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The very-true potential of the cloud is unleashed through powerful, delightful, and resilient business applications. However, there is no such factor like a “typical cloud application.” Varied selection of cloud computing technologies and platforms exist in the market for a reason; they each address specific use cases and needs.

A recent survey reveals that more than 60% of IT decision-makers say that cloud computing has given their teams more time to focus on strategy and innovation.

Whether you are building a Cloud-native application from the scratch or modernizing/migrating existing applications to Cloud-native platforms, IT-Parts integrates Cloud engineering competency across a wide gamut of proven cloud technologies and domains to help you design, develop, integrate, and launch effective applications.

Founded in 2006, IT-Parts Cloud-native Application Development Teams combine exceptional cloud development talent with proven high-quality agile software delivery processes and cross-domain expertise.

Our ability to design, build, and manage large-scale, complex IT Infrastructure for more than a decade has naturally evolved into one of the strongest Cloud Infrastructure Management portfolios in the industry. At IT-Parts, our Cloud Experts help you with:

  • Setting-up a Cloud Platform. Design, selection, build, integration services with modern hybrid and multi-cloud computing solutions.

  • Automate the Infrastructure. Design and integration of Artificial-Intelligence-powered automation solutions

  • Near-Zero Touch Operations. Cloud infrastructure operation services delivered with extreme automation, as a service.

  • Complete Service Management. IT Service Management deployed based on compliant frameworks.

We have successfully delivered high-quality Cloud software in various domains, including (but not limited to) Customer Experience, Customer Service, Marketing, Manufacturing, Trading / Banking / Insurance, Medical/Pharma, Supply Chain, and others.

Whether you are looking at putting together a hybrid cloud services platform to run your digital applications or to revamp sizeable portions of your current IT infrastructure, IT-Parts has the expertise, experience, tools, partnerships, and the credentials to be the right Cloud platform services partner for you.

To find out more about how we can partner with you to accelerate your applications’ roadmap to the Cloud, contact IT-Parts today!.

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