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At IT-Parts, our comprehensive offerings include design and manufacturing services to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to tailor OEM Customer’s application with competitive cost right from prototype build to a full production manufacturing capabilities.

Our array of services include Data Center, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Telecommunication, and Networking.

IT-Parts key business-enablers:

  • Decade worth of Experience. Since setting up in 2006, IT-Parts has established itself as the provider of choice for customers with mission-critical hosting requirements.

  • Comprehensive Services Suite for End-to-End Solutions. Our data centers provide hosting and co-location solutions which are supplemented with a comprehensive suite of managed services, delivered by a skilled team of Technical Experts.

  • Enterprise-Class Infrastructure. Our Data Center Solutions have been designed using global standards. All mission-critical systems pertaining to daily operations have been sourced from best-of-breed platforms and vendors, and operate with minimum N+1 redundancy, which enables IT-Parts to offer industry-leading uptime to our customers.

  • Complete 24X7X365 Environment. At IT-Parts, we use a combination of self-developed and open-source tools to provide advanced monitoring and management services to our customers. These tools are crucial for any enterprise with mission-critical business applications hosted at our data centers.

  • Availability, Performance, Security. Availability, performance, and security are the cornerstones of IT-Parts infrastructure and managed services, thereby offering a 99.99% uptime SLA and end-to-end service experience to their customers.

Data Center Solutions

In today’s agile style environment, some of your most critical operations revolve around technology. And for those systems to work, you need an appropriate data center infrastructure that’s ready to support your changing workloads and organizational priorities.

Current day data centers are undergoing major transformations. With the rise of the software-defined data center (SDDC) and converged infrastructure, organizations have gone a long way toward eliminating siloed management and optimizing on-premises resources. Server virtualization, meanwhile, has simplified existing systems to reduce the burden on IT staff, lower the total cost of ownership and prepare organizations for cloud migration.

Are you building a new data center or upgrading a switch in a cabinet? Both require a deployment plan to make sure all of the products arrive on time so you can make your cutover date.

We at IT-Parts, offer you our comprehensive solutions and support that you need to further your business objectives. We can assess your environment, design the best approach, deploy your solution and manage it throughout its lifecycle. Because with a flexible, resilient and efficient data center, you can support flexibility, resiliency and efficiency throughout your organization.

At IT-Parts, our state-of-art data center infrastructure is spread across a ringed network of data centers in each geographical location. This results in enhancing data security and enabling data sovereignty for customers operating in tightly regulated industries.

Our Expert Team possess rich experience and training to identify and specify products and solutions for the most sophisticated data centers. Our Team is proficient in emerging data center technologies that significantly decreases workloads, expanding data and storage capabilities, and driving innovation across industries.

Our primary objective is to keep you up-to-date on the latest data center products, applications, industry trends, standards and emerging technologies.

Our Data Center Products include:

Interconnect Optical Solution

With our Interconnect Optical Solutions, you can bring fast speed and fully compatibility to your network switches with our high quality fiber optic transceivers, DAC and AOC cables.

Fiber Cabling System

Without Fiber Cabling Systems, you can create a modular cabling environment within your data center to accelerate application deployment, reduce costs, and streamline fiber cabling operations.


Copper Cabling System

With our Copper Cabling Systems, you can significantly improve operational efficiency and control costs with our copper cabling solutions that offer a simplified experience for deployment and management.


Network Switches

With IT-Part’s Network Switches, you can deliver a comprehensive 10/40/100G switching options for small & large data centers with multi-function management solutions.


You might want to gain efficiency and more control with our diverse KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) switches that provide a cohesive, unified and simplified solution to manage your devices.

Power System

Without power, even the modern data center can break down. We at IT-Parts offer PDU & UPS power system and provide sustainable and efficient electricity for your IT equipments.

Rely on IT-Parts!. We can provide our complete and solid support in both respects, so the right products get to the data center, organized in a manner to minimize your time, effort and cost.

For all you Data Center needs, contact IT-Parts Today!.

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