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KVM switch 17-inch LCD 8-port
  • KVM switch 17-inch LCD 8-port

    SKU: ITP08C

    Provides 8 ports of RJ-45 server ports

    • Features

      1. Integrates the 17-inch LCD-KVM into a 1U pull-out control module,which easy for installation.
      2. One single control terminal can manage 8 servers.
      3. Provides 8 ports of RJ-45 server ports, using CAT5/5E/6 cable and CAT5 module to connect the server make the distance between the server and the KVM host can reach 45 meters.
      4. Supporting daisy-chained (8 layers) & stack- uplink(2 layers),via daisy-chain to connect another 31 KVM switches to achieve to manage as many as 256 servers from one single control terminal.
      5. Supporting mixed interface (PS/2 & USB) for connecting the computer ports easily.
      6. PS/2&USB interface can be detected automatically
      7. Can be extended to add a set of keyboard, mouse and monitor, it is more convenient for users to manage in the independent control room.
      8. Automatic scan mode can continuously monitor the user's selected server.
      9. OSD hotkeys can be used to turn on and turn off the alert tone
      10. Supports multiple switching mode(Button Switching、OSD Menu Switching、Shortcut Entry)
      11. Supports MS windows, Netware, Unix, Linux,SUN
      12. Supports iMAC, Power MAC and the Sun Micro system with USB connection.
      13. No software required-- Computer selection via OSD menu, buttons and hotkeys.
      14. OSD menu supports multiple languages.
      15. LCDKVM switch provides various hotkeys(Scroll-Lock/ Cap-Lock/ Num-Lock/ L-Alt/ L- Ctrl/ L-Win/ R-Alt/ R-Ctrl/R-Win) for switching computer ports and displaying the OSD menu.
      16. Provides access controlling list, which can store 8 independent user accounts.
      17. Super administrator can assign authority to other users as needed,which can assign the
        KVM authority to each user more precisely and meticulously.
      18. Supports hot-plugging–can remove the computer without turning off the LCD console.
      19. Supports two levels’ user, and computer/server names can be searched.
      20. Keyboard state information can be saved when switch the computer.
    • Specifications

      Model: ITP08C

      No.of controlling ports (USER): 1 Local user

      No.of controlling ports (LCD): 17 inch LCD screen

      No. of computerconnections(direct connection): 8 sets

      The Max. No. of cascade: 256 sets

      Keyboard: USB
      Mouse: USB

      Monitor: VGA

      Connection Port: RJ-45
      Power Supply: AC220V/0.5A/50HZ
      Network Port: 8 of RJ-45
      IP Network Port: 0
      Button Switch: Power,Reset
      Video Resolution: Local 1280 * 1024 DDC2B;
      Working Humidity: 0%-80% RH
      Operation Temperature: 0˚C~50˚C
      Storage Temperature: -20˚C~60˚C

      Weight: 13.5Kg

      Shell: Metal

      Size(L* W* D: 630 * 450* 42(mm)

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