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KVM Transceiver USB-RJ45C

KVM Transceiver USB-RJ45C


Ultra-high image resolution and supports hot-plugging

  • Features

    1. Keyboard and mouse simulation - When the cable of KVM port on the switch is removed or the cable is re-inserted to another port, the server can still work well.  
    2. Supports firmware updating.  
    3. Ultra-high image resolution-- within a transmission of 45 meters, the video resolution can up to 1600*1200; 
    4. Supports hot-plugging- add or remove connected services at any time without turning off the KVM power.  
    5. Light weight
  • Specifications

    Model: USB-RJ45C
    Conversion Interface: USB
    Display Interface: VGA/SVGA
    I/O Port: RJ45
    Support Resolution: 1280 * 1024 DDC2B
    Cable Material: CAT5/5E/5+/6
    Longest transmission distance: 45M
    Absolute mouse: Support


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