As one of our loyal customers who support and reply on IT-Parts, we sincerely hope you find that shopping on IT-Parts is simple and pleasant. However, we understand that you may have some questions during your shopping trip. Read the following details to find answers to those questions about order, payment, shipping, account, and more.




IT-Parts operates under a fully integrated system that allows for significant tailoring to specifically suit the requirements of our Customers.
This ongoing customization has allowed our team to create a truly unique package.
We at IT-Parts, use a cohesive data tracking system from product receipt to the final delivery at the end user's receiving dock.
Our warehouse facilities are fully integrated to effectively manage inventory from product receipt to the ultimate destination. Besides this, the warehouse and transportation systems interface real time.
IT-Parts website is the source for reliable, up-to-the-minute, accessible information.
Our system provides hourly updates to our website, enabling our valued customers to view delivery status and inventory levels online.
We at IT-Parts, assign login credentials to our customers, so that authorized members of our customer organization can search for the data they desire.
We as well provide order tracking on-line. We strongly believe in technology advancement that makes us unique in the industry and in our inventory management.
Through our barcode scanning technology we provide you with real-time web-based information on your inventory.
The status of any item or order is just a finger touch away through the web. In addition, this technology enables us to accurately manage your inventory while it is in our facility.