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Console Server - CM6048

Console Server - CM6048

SKU: CM6048

48-Ports RJ-45 1U Rack-Mountable Console Server

  • Features and Benefits

    1. Standard 48-port rack-mount design with complete serial port speed(300~ 115200bps). Panel designed with status indicator is convenient for device’s installation& debugging and maintenance& use in later period.

    2. The power supply is designed flexibly and adopts DC-48V/ AC 110/ 220V or AC+DC redundant power supply, anti-static and surge protection design is for increasing the safety and stability of the device.

    3. The 2-way Ethernet electrical interface supports 10M/100M switching mode, full/half duplex and cross-through self-adaptation, and SFP optical transceiver mode.

    4. Built-in RESET button is easy to restore the default settings for use in certain occasions. Built-in SD card slot and USB interface is convenient for data storage, extraction and function expansion.

    5. Supports multiple routers, switches and other network devices with serial ports. And supports stand- alone web network management and centralized out-of -band network management.

    6. Multi-level user rights and user groups, multiple authentication management and log management.

    7. Serial communication data statistics, login remote device through web page.

  • Specifications

    Number of ports: 48
    Port speed rate: 10/100M (optical port 100M),compatible with IEEE802.3 agreement
    Port type: Electrical port:RJ45; Optical port:SFP
    Supporting agreements: IP、ARP、ICMP、UDP、TCP、HTTP、console
    Number of serial ports: 16@ACM16;32@ACM32;48@ACM48
    Serial port speed rate: 300~115200bps
    Serial port type: RJ45 LED

    Serial port standard: RS232

    Data bit: 5,6,7,8

    Parity bit: None,Even,Odd,Space,Mark

    Stop bit: 1,2
    Terminal type: VT100

    Indicator: PWR、TX、RX、LNK/ACT、SPD、SYS
    USB connector: USB 2.0
    SD card slot: mini SD
    Shell material: 1.0mmmetal shell
    Size (Height* Width* Depth): 245*160*45mm(ACM8);430*200*45mm(ACM16);430mm*200mm*78mm(ACM32/ACM48)

    Weight: 2.5kg(ACM16);3.1kg(ACM32);3.4kg(ACM48)

    Power input: DC-48V、AC220

    Power consumption: <25w(ACM48)

    Operating temperature: 0℃~50℃

    Storage temperature: -40℃~+85℃

    Humidity: 5%~95%

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