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Transportation / Packaging


IT-Parts provides innovative and cost-effective design, crating, packaging and global logistics for our esteemed customers. All of our efforts are fully supported by a friendly and experienced team and advanced communications, tracking and design technology and is linked through our locations around the world.

The crate, the logistics plan, the packaging solution we build for you is identical in all our locations. You will find the same materials, workmanship standards through our quality process, shared bill of materials and drawings along with the same quality of design and engineering capabilities.


IT-Parts protects not only your products; but also your brand stability as your goods follow their global journey from manufacturing into your own customers' hands.

When it comes to packaging, crating and logistics, IT-Parts has it covered for you. We understand the challenges of managing a supply chain and what it takes to meet customer requirements while at the same time maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Our experts become a part of your team, investing just as much energy into your success as you do. Working on-site from within your organization, we are able to react quickly and efficiently, which eliminates costly downtime.

At IT-Parts, we are always here to help you make sure your supply chain smooth and seamless.

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