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Server Relocation

Partnering with a professional server relocation services firm is always a great way to make sure your relocation goes according to the plan. However, for some transits, it’s about much more than just peace of mind. It’s about guarding and protecting the items being moved. That’s definitely the case when it comes to equipment transfers, primarily server relocation.

Servers are specialized equipment and the foundations of your core business. Moving them without expertise and precision can result in damages and loss of important information. We know pretty well that relocating your server proportionately impacts your business. Be it your accounting functions, sales CRM, project management programs, and more are relying on an unsecure backup system, or worse, no system at all. The longer the move takes, the more you put your business at risk.


Rely on IT-Parts so that we can do a flawless job by organizing and executing a timely moving plan that reduces downtime, which in turn will reduce your stress level. We have been in the business since 2006 and successfully executed some of the challenging server relocation projects seamlessly all around the world.

We provide you with a dedicated personal relocation officer who will ensure that bar code tagging of servers, labels, and re-rack plans are executed appropriately. This is extremely important when you consider the fact that your servers are responsible for making sure the core areas of your business are functioning properly.

IT-Parts ensures that our customer experience minimum business impact during the server relocation; we work diligently to zero-in the risk of stressful and disruptive procedures.

Our well defined server relocation approach includes:

  • Provide you with comprehensive pre-move consulting and planning

  • Advise on all areas including ordering new equipment and phone lines, the physical relocation of hardware and the setup of internet circuits

  • Manage your phone line and internet migration, liaising with fixed network and Internet service providers

  • Supervise every aspect of your move, ensuring your business is operational on the Monday morning following the relocation

  • Communicate with you at every stage to ensure you know exactly what will be happening and when

  • Manage and care your server relocation project; our friendly engineers will keep you one step ahead of any potential issues

  • Ensure disruption is minimized in the event of any unforeseen problems arising

  • Ensure the logistics of your server move match your exact schedule and budget


Don’t delay any longer for the seamless, economical server move your business deserves. Reach out to our server relocation expert or fill out our online quote form to receive a no-obligation estimate now!

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