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You can apply for a Credit Account to establish long business relations with us.

IT-Parts.Net provides standard Net 30 payment term for purchase orders.

Purchase Order - A Good Choice for Your Business

A purchase order (PO) is a legally binding document between purchasers and suppliers. It should define every single detail of the purchase, such as quantities, agreed prices, delivery date, and so on. Under an agreed payment term and condition, purchase orders from purchasers are accepted by suppliers and allow purchasers to buy and receive products or services without immediate payment.

IT-Parts now offers standard Net 30 term for purchase orders to approved businesses. Other payment terms such as Net 15, Net 45, and so on are also available per your business requests.

Key Benefits:

Lower Budget & Internal Control - Delaying cash outflows, companies are better able to manage budgets, understand costs, proactively run projects and meet their financial obligations.

Improved Efficiency and Accuracy - Purchase order systems make the purchasing process more efficient, and allow for better shopping experience, faster delivery and security of payment.

Enhanced Approval Process - IT-Parts has a multi-step approval process of purchase orders. The effective usage of PO is a gateway to new opportunities and a vital component to a successful business.

Who Qualifies?

A purchase order mainly works for commercial sales in which the company has solid commercial credit in purchasing, such as school, government and fortune 500 companies and so on.


The option to pay through purchase order will appear at check out once a credit account, such as Net 30, has been approved. No matter if it's an online or offline purchase, Net 30 credit account gets your purchase orders completed successfully, And you just need to remit the payment for the order within the agreed upon 30 days from shipping.

Place a Purchase Order Online
Our online purchase order keeps you in sync anywhere you go.
Simply create a purchase order, choose purchase order payment at your check out, and wait for the delivery of your order.

1. Add the products you need into the cart with your IT-Parts Account.

2. When you check out, choose “Purchase Order” payment method for the order.

3. Upload your PO file and fill out the PO number for our review.

4. We will process your PO accordingly.

Place a Purchase Order Offline
Offline purchase order is here for you when you do not want to place your purchase order online.
Just confirm every detail about your purchasing, and then send your purchase order to your assigned sales representative

1. Confirm all details about your purchasing through emails, such as products, quantities, and prices.

2. Send your PO file to your sales representative for review.

3. Your sales representative will confirm your PO and send the PI back to you.

4. We will process your PO accordingly.

Apply Net 30 for Your Purchase Orders
Net 30 is our standard payment term for purchase orders. IT-Parts can also provide other payment terms, such as Net 15, Net 45, and so on and contact us for more details.

Apply for a Net 30 account by contacting your sales representative or sending an E-Mail to Sales@IT-Parts.Net or calling +1 (877) 370 4525.

Download a credit application form, provide credit reference and at least three Net 30 trade references with other companies.

Submit the information to IT-Parts.Net and wait for the approved credit account.

Start purchasing now with your Net 30 credit account.

The Easier Way to Get Your Purchase Orders Paid:

All amounts of purchase orders placed with IT-Parts.Net shall be due and payable within term days (e.g.: 30 days) from shipping. IT-Parts.Net can support different payment methods, such as PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Check and so on. For more payment method details, you can visit our Payment Methods or contact your sales representative for help.

A W-9 Form includes fields for a person or business entity to fill in their name and address as well as social security number (SSN) or employee identification number (EIN, also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number).

IT-Parts.Net W9 form can be provided if you need it.

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